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PAR Everserv 600 (M6150)

PAR Everserv 600 (M6150)


A Sophisticated Spin on the Traditional Point of Sale! With the ES600, PAR has upgraded the look and feel of the conventional POS terminal, architected to grow with your clientele and your business needs. This versatile & adaptable model supports multi-chain concepts, small and local businesses, and everything in between.


The EverServ 600’s modern appearance creates a clutter-free and minimalistic environment.
• Small footprint
• Sleek, polished appearance
• Contemporary design

The ES600 was designed to accommodate your specific business needs.
• Projective Capacitive (PCAP) Touchscreen
• Multiple Customer Display options including 2×20 Line Display, 9.7″ and 12.1″ Graphical displays in both touch and non-touch options
• Providing suggested upselling, additional customization and order accuracy opportunities
• MSR and Biometric options
• Available with pedestal for use on counter or panel only version

A new spin on the traditional restaurant terminal.
• Upgraded look and feel of the conventional point-of-sale
• Supports multi-chain concepts, as well as small businesses
• Affordable
• Favorable and popular POS system for all market tiers and levels

  • Shipping $100

    Standard Shipping

  • Staging $100

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